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research is a SOB!

research is a SOB!

as i get closer and closer to the bellini series, i have to make sure i have my facts straight.


earlier in the book, i mentions kenneth. If you don’t know, he’s in another book (right now I can’t remember the name) but he’s a major cousin in the bellini series.


He married Kelsey Bellini, adopted daughter of Antonio Bellini, who is Dalton’s uncle.


anyhoo, in this chapter, when our lovely synthia meets with him, he briefly mentions the accident that changed the Bellini family a long time ago where Mamma Bellini (Dalton’s mother) had to be responsible and raise the majority of her nieces and nephews.


You know the accident if you read Stone’s Revenge.


If you haven’t read it now. I’ve just loaded that baby on the Kindle at Amazon, so have fun.


You can also pick it up on a pdf or paperback as well.


I go into a lot more detail in The Other Side of Love, which has always been a work in progress (I carry the hand written version of the entire book in my bag).


That’s what’s taking so durn long.


I had to read that motherscrucher of a story and find out what the hell was going on.


Unfortunately, I love my writing so durn I read the whole durn thing.


I couldn’t figure out if it was Taylor’s story or Faith’s because it’s a double hitter love story.


And as a hint to you, in order to understand this one, you have to read Dreams of Reality. I found the brother and you know about one of the other sisters from Emperor’s Addiction.


Yeah, complicated, but fun.


So with all that said, I hope to update by the end of the day and give you some more tomorrow.


Also, I mention her security team again and their owner Theopolis Thornton.  And of course you can see more about him in Diary of A…


Funny how things work out and it’s all one big circle.


Thank you for your patience.

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