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A little bit of sin – Chapter 33.1

it’s been a rough week for me personally. got a lot of things going on between the ears, offline and online.

it’s 430 in the morning and for the fourth morning in a row i wake at 3pm and find it hard to get back to sleep knowing that I need to.

my plans for today are to push the rest of this baby out for you, try to find a ticket to star trek (tickets are selling out fast) and preparing for my workshop 2morrow.

oh-kay, now to this story…

Don’t know if I told you but you’ll meet Sheriff Heart in Baby Doll and Salacious Heart in Dark Facade.

Red Heart has his own book titled after his name – REDHEART

All those books can be found at

If you’re looking for the hearts family chart to understand where everyone stands or who’s related to whom,


oh yeah and if you want to know about Andrew Watkins, you’ll have to check out Drawing the Line. That was a fun book. LOL.

i think that’s about it. enjoy…


This story is currently in editing and publishing stages … For more information, please go to author’s website for update
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