Sable Lit Reviews on Secrets Lies & Family Ties

Received this yesterday and it’s “different”. Thought I’d share it with you.
Let me know what you think
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Secrets Lies Family Ties

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 06:57 PM PDT


slr_logo_60pxslr_logo_60pxslr_logo_60pxWith enough scandal to make a soap opera script seem tame, Sylvia Hubbard’s Secrets, Lies and Family Tiesis filled with intertwining plot-lines where everyone is related or connected to everyone else if not by blood then by lust and deceit. Lust and love have more in common in this novel than just being comprised of the same number of letters. The lack of deep love throughout this novel made it difficult to become emotionally invested in any of the characters. Real love, in nearly all of its examples were mingled with unhealthy possessive desires and treacherous revenge-seeking. The complications that the heroine, Grae Reed, finds herself in become too fantastic to bear. While she grows strength and courage as the book progresses, her persistent desire for those who deceive her and her constant self image problems make her personal improvements seem momentary.


While the author is a great storyteller and is capable of structuring a complex plot, I found myself recognizing the plot’s destination before the story took me there. In the end, I had a hard time seeing some of the characters for who they were. The hero, Ezekiel Chambers who seemed like a black man caught in a white man’s body, was definitely sexy but not much of a prize. I came to feel sorry for him. The various parental figures in the story were insufferable. Her engaged best male friend Prince, who was more likable then the rest, seemed conflicted in his effeminate demeanor and his not-so subtle attraction to Grae.


Ezekiel’s friends, Dana, Tyrone and Jerome were much worse as they played tricks on Ezekiel and held petty grudges while romping around as a marital ménage a trois.  A lot of the most head-shaking details seem to be weaved in for effect and then explained away as a lie, in an attempt to temper the story’s overall seedy tone.


The antics in this novel may make your grateful for a mundane life.

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4 thoughts on “Sable Lit Reviews on Secrets Lies & Family Ties

  1. Sylvia, I’m not sure if that was a good review or a bad review, but I do know that it was definitely ONE person’s opinion.

    That’s the thing with all reviews, they are simply OPINIONS. The way I’ve learned to deal with them is to ‘eat the meat and throw away the bones’. Meaning, take whatever truth (no matter how big or small) might be in them and throw away the rest.

    Ask yourself, if Prince really came across as effeminate? If there really was a lack of deep love throughout the story? If Grae really was too weak, her improvements too momentary?

    If any of the answers are yes and you didn’t mean for those things to come across that way, tighten up those areas during your next edits. If the answers are no, then disregard that part of the review.

    I personally didn’t think Prince was effeminate. But then again, that’s just my OPINION.

    I could say more, but this comment is already too long as it is. lol.

    P.S. I’ll email you later about the time a Christian publisher blasted me for making my scenes too sensual. Most prefer that the hero/heroine don’t even share a heated kiss in the book. lol. See why I’m still doing so much independent publishing! lol.

    Keep your head up, girl.

  2. first reaction: “Oh F***, ssss burn”

    that was sort of hard to read. i have to reread the book. lol yes the plot was very complex.

    i have to see if i really feel like there was no REAL love between characters.

    sometimes i did ask myself why Prince and Grea didnt hook up.

    on Ez character i have to reread i cant remember what he was like really (dont know if thats a bad thing)

    over all i have to reread to compare the notes of this review and what the book was really like


    I actually loved the twist and turns of this book. Especially how evryone live was entertwine.

    I do not think this reviewer was familiar with your work at all. If she was familiar with the different characters then her review would have been more accurate.

    This review was filled with IGNORRANCE!

  4. i’ve gotten good and bad reviews on my books, but all in all, I did feel the reviewer really didn’t know what they were speaking about.

    I had a feeling she “breezed” through the book because when I reread the book, I understood Grae’s frustration and her growth.

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