a little bit of sin Chapter 31.1




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A little bit of sin won’t hurt Chapter 31.1 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved

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4 thoughts on “a little bit of sin Chapter 31.1

  1. Those two are like each other’s last breath of air… something they want and need as they struggle to stay alive. Hot sex between Synthia and Colin will eventually lead to something else. Too bad so many will be against them. Thanks, Sylvia, for another great chapter. -Bluegardenia

  2. That’s what I call a good HOT sex scene. Somebody did not use a condom….can we say B.A.B.Y. Sylvia I am beggin you please please please please TWIN!!! OHH you introduce us two hottie Hearts. Sergeant Sheriff heart and Lieutenant Salacious Heart sound hot and delicious. How do you come up with these names for your characters. Especially for the Heart family. That just show me how creative you are to story and your characters. YOU ROCK!!! Sylvia

  3. That chapter was HOT!!!!! Colin and Synthia has so much chemistry it’s unreal. They make me want to jump my hubby bones. Cinquetta, this is not the first time these two have not used a condom. I knew it was bound to happen because Sylvia never mention that Synthia was on any type of birth control. I’m just waiting for the falling out. Sylvia what is up with Grace?

  4. Another wonderful chapter. I am so happy Synthia and Colin are back together. Their chemistry is so hot. They just keep me wanting more and more of them. Thank you Sylvia.

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