A little bit of sin Chapter 29.1

I’m currently learning not to be so wordy and mastering my POV just a little better.

Hard as hell I’ll tell you, but I’m going to make it work and still be Sylvia.

Though it does slow down on my productivity but I’m going to give you the best of myself because that’s what you deserve as my readers.

Wish me luck.

Your author, Sylvia



This story is currently in editing and publishing stages … For more information, please go to author’s website for update http://sylviahubbard.com

A little bit of Sin Won’t hurt Chapter 29.1 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. all rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 29.1

  1. Can’t stay long, Sylvia. Just wanted to drop in and say that you’re doing your thang, girl. I like all the improvements. Storyline is still on point. Cliffhangers are still off the chain as usual.

    I’ll check back in when I can.

  2. I just knew Colin would call Synthia. I even wondered why she didn’t ask for him when she showed up to get her brother. What a mess! But I’m loving it. _

  3. Colin throw down…kick ass and take down names! GO COLIN! GO COLIN! (LOL) Seriously I should be on Jason side but he hot head. Colin has change and he is contine changing. I do like how Colin continuing to put Synthia in her place. Just because you are beautiful don’t stop you from being a bitch. THANKS! FOR THE UPDATE Sylvia!!

  4. I think Colin is the only one who can handle Synthia. So I see that Colin won the fight against Jason. I think the chemistry is still hot between Synthia and Colin.

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