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The Other Side of Love – Preview First Chapter

Lots of you have asked about The Other Side of Love

(It’s Armando Bellini’s story from Road to Freedom mixed with Skye’s sister story of Dreams of Reality. This book also introduces the Bellini Clan to everyone.)


Armando Bellini becomes lost at sea. A horrible storm tears his yacht to shreds and he’s saved by a beautiful stowaway, Faith, who has many secrets. He tries to deny his attraction to this quick thinking fox.

Chapter 1

Faith carefully attended the bruise on her leg. If she wore a long skirt it would hide the swelling on her leg. From the vent in the bathroom, she could hear him talking to that stupid poodle of his.

Her eyes fluttered to hold back the tears that wanted to fall.

No sense of crying. Toughen up, Faye,’ she heard the shadow in her brain sneer.


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