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A little bit of sin Chapter 23.2

Just in case you’re a little confused, your author, Sylvia posted the chapters in the wrong order.

I’m so sorry.

So if you’re a little dizzy wondering what you missed. I’m going to repost the links in the right order right now:
Chapter 22.1
Chapter 22.2
Chapter 23.1

Scan through them and you’ll see what you missed and then come back and get to reading.

Taylor needs that property for the story line in The Other Side of Love.

If you’re a new reader and you don’t know The Other Side of Love, it has to do with the beginning of the Bellini sagas.

She’s trying to over impress Dalton and her father so she can get that VP spot next to Dalton, which HE doesn’t want give it to her. Dalton’s worse than Jaelen especially when it comes to demoralizing and demeaning women.

If you don’t know Dalton, there are a few books he’s featured in. (I’ll let my old readers tell you in the comments. Come on impress me, old readers.)

Just in case, check the comments and author’s notes in the categories here on the blog:

On my site, there’s also another post concerning the Bellini’s

With the Easter weekend coming, I’ll be posting most likely late tomorrow. I’m working on the editing stages of Tanner’s Devil and also helping a friend get her book published.

Of course I’m busy working on other projects as well.

But I’m trying to post longer posts. Really I am. (But don’t fault me on this one. This was the end of the chapter. I swear.)

And yes, this is a big cliffhanger that you’ll kill me for.



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