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A little bit of sin Chapter 23.1

Wow, your responses are very passionate. I guess I’m doing pretty good.

@ Sup & Anon-E: thanks for liking the brogue. I have to keep hearing it over and over to make sure I’m not mixing it up with Europe English slang. And just to let you know, yes, Mark was already in Detroit. Good spot on Anon-E.
Eva D: The SHTF came to me when Colin was getting that money out the bank. I’m turning the cards around boys and girls. I know what you’re thinking is going to happen and I’m telling you right now, it ain’t happening.
Tori: yes, his reasons will come to light soon in the next book and shhhhh…. it has to do with
Dark Facade
Paula: Do you think she has a reason to be scared of Mookie calling? (if it really is Mookie?)
(Yes, I just asked a question to answer a question, but I’d loved to hear your thoughts on it.)



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