The Professor – Blog Treasure Hunt (things to do while waiting for me to post)

I want to thank Suprina Frazier (reader and author) for sending this to me.

Want to know what happened in The Professor after Aurelia and Baron saw each other again? Join us in a blog treasure hunt and find out. It’s real simple to play. Fun, too!

Here’s how to play:

  1. Go to the first question, which can be found at the website below:
  2. Answer the question found there. If you answer correctly, you will be taken to the next question and given a password clue there.
  3. Collect all four clues (which also make up the full password) and allow the correct answers to lead you to the sneak preview site.
  4. Type the clues in order (i.e. the password) and without spaces to gain access into the password protected site and read, read, read!


Told you it was simple. *smile*


P.S. Don’t forget to mark April 13th on your calendars to join us for the full story of The Professor. If you haven’t read the short story version of the book yet (where all of the answers can be found), follow this link:


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  1. Sylviaaaaaaa!!!!I didn’t know you were going to do that! I was just sending that email to you because we’re on each other’s mailing lists and because we usually share updates.THANKS SO MUCH, GIRL!Now back to the story…(going to read a bit more about Colin and then leave another comment)

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