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A Little Bit of Sin Chapter Updates 13 – 21

Here’s a current update of the live story that’s taking place.

Before I do that I’d like to thank all the office pools that are indulging on their “work time” to sneak a read.

I hope you don’t get in trouble, but to be honest deep down  inside me, it makes me really evilly happy to know you’re doing something bad to read me.

Kind of like good-wrong sex. (yeah I know that’s an oxymoron, but if you’ve ever had it, you’ll know.)

I also want to thank the other readers, who are blabbering all about me in yahoogroups, other reading forums and all the boards out there. Plus, offline you’ve been encouraging people to go to Amazon and purchase my books. THAT MAKES ME REALLY REALLY HAPPY.

If you’re a new reader, you should know I would love nothing better than to write ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. Unfortunately, in order to do that, I have to work.

During the new story, I work a 40 hour day shift benefit job for the City of Detroit. Answering phones, taking care of problems and writing reports. I’m one of the top call leaders in the room so I do my job.

But my brain is so complex that I need to multi-task in order to do a good job.

While I’m being a wonderful customer service specialist, I write a live story for you (and me too because I’m having so much fun with Colin and making you really hate Synthia.)

I call this my benefit job because that’s exactly what it is. The job pays for my benefits that I need.

Nothing extra.

My book sells help me to get the extra stuff. Time off to concerntrate on more stories, market and publish more, and so forth and so on.

That’s where you come in. During this free story, if you really like what you’re reading, I encourage your donations , buy books or encourage others to buy books. You can even buy some for them as gifts. 

Moving on….

This portion of the live story contains lots of background. I tried to make sure my flashbacks didn’t get in the way of the present story, but I knew you all needed to understand what was going .

If you’re just joining us (or you’ve been a really great fan of the literary work and will send this over to a bunch of readers and bookclub members) here’s the linkage for the beginning of the story.

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