A Littlie Bit of Sin – Chapter 21.1

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A Little Bit of Sin Won’t Hurt Chapter 21.1 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “A Littlie Bit of Sin – Chapter 21.1

  1. No new continuity issues to report, Sylvia. You’re doing good on that front IMO. As for the storyline, I really enjoyed that brief reprieve from Syn. I especially loved getting to know Colin better. Learned a heap about him.I’m so happy he got the $ now to buy his own business. Sad that Synthia got to the business before him. Wasn’t surprised though. I figured she’d pull the strings available to her just to get Colin under her spell again. Chick is acting kinda desperate IMO. Makes me wonder if Syn is really this shallow as to invade a man’s life just to satisfy her ego. I mean, why does she REALLY want Colin over the rest? Is good sex that important to her? Should it be? Doesn’t she know that good sex doesn’t guarantee a HEA?lol. Okay, enough with the questions. lol. Sorry for hogging up your comment section, Sylvia. 🙂Suprina

  2. ok im gonna take yall way back on this one. i was watching the highlander marathon on sci-fi last week and i think the character’s name is duncan mccloud?? or somethin? but whenever he got soo angry his irish accent kicked in and reminded me so much of colin! it was soo funny. but dude on that show was oh so sexy! i miss it so much (sniff sniff). i know someone out there feels me on that one!

  3. I not feeling why Synthia doesn’t like her mother. I need more info…flashback…need flashback. Did her mother phyiscal abuse her or was it mental and did she abuse the other kids. Synthia is pissing me off. I know! I know! Its better to be piss off then piss on…mhmmm! This is first time I did not like the heroine. I always knew you have skills!!! I can not believe she brought building Colin’s garade just to blackmail him int having sex with her. THAT IS LOW I know D..K(sex) is good…BUT DAMN! You go girl you are the first. Usually the male blackmailing the female for sex or marriage. BTW who was in the trunk of the car was it Mark? Did Bernard knew about the money? Colin did try to save Trisha. i hope Jason listen to him before he swip at Colin.

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