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A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 15.2

More talking. deep talking and some story background explaination. Put on your reader’s hat and go to town. Let me know what you are thining.

Late night and late day. busy being a mom but you know what I’m doing it.

Wanted to kill the oldest girl today. She had communication problems and did not tell me she had detention so Monday they sent her home with a suspension slip.

I was pissed beyond all recognition and wanted to literally strangle her for not telling me.


It’s late at night in Detroit. I’ve heard three gunshots about five houses away and ten minutes ago three firetrucks passed my house.

I turn off all the lights and tv in the bed room to look out the window.

I just got finished wathcing thefamilythatpreys by Tyler Perry and i’m kinda mad. (Movie spoiler coming up now) I fell having Kathy Bates kill herself was a writer’s cop out.

That’s my writer voice talking.

anyhoo, getting on with life and listening back to my Brian McKnight. Post this in the dark before more gun shots. Don’t want the light from the keyboard attracting any attention.



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