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A Little Bit of Sin Live Story Weekly Update Chapters 7 thru 12

The current live story is going very well! The daily readers are getting eager and eager, so I guess that means I’m doing my job as a writer.

I got a lot out this week. SIX CHAPTERS!! That’s 11,000 words in one week! WOW!!! I’m patting my ownself on the back.

And no, I cannot post any faster. Please remember this is a live story and I’m going as fast as possible. You’re reading straight from my right brain. The words are still smoking, so understand I can only think so fast.

For the weekly readers, here’s your update report and I would appreciate you forwarding this to a friend!

Don’t forget to read the comments as well because it gives you (the reader) insight as I answer the questions by readers while working the story out in my head.

Just in case you’re new, I’m putting the entire the linkage for you. Let me know if you need anything else:

Synopsis is posted here:

Chapter Updates from 1 to 3

Chapter Updates from 4 to 6

Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.2

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.2

Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.2

Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.2

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to pass this along to friends so they can catch up over the weekend with you!

Be blessed!

Your author,

Sylvia Hubbard!

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