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A Little Bit Of Sin – Chapter 11.2

The daily 10:30 am deadline is my point that keeps me writing morning noon and night.


I was at a film symposium last night scribbling notes and writing my book at the same time. People kept trying to figure out what I was writing since no one else was taking notes as much as I was.


anyhoo, to answer some of your questions and concerns .

@ Sup: Thanks gurl for catching the father/brother mess up.

Now I’ve gotten emails offline and online asking me to post faster.

Have you read the live story explanation?

When I say this is a live story, that means I am making it up as I go. Seriously. What you are reading is fresh off of my right brain and still smoking.

So when you’re asking me to post faster, you’re asking my brain to work a lot harder.

All I can say is that I’ll try. And I can hold off on post to make them longer if you want, but then I won’t be posting as fast.

darned if i do, darned if i don’t.

I’ll try.



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