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A Little Bit of Sin – Chapter 11


I’m being greedy but I want more hits, so if you’re apart of any interracial groups or books clubs, don’t forget to send them a message and let them know how much you enjoy the live story.

Today I’m sleepy. I had a very busy day yesterday. There was career day at Kettering, the radio show in the afternoon and then a booksigning later that night at the Redford Library.

Today seems nice outside, but inside, I just want to look at my eyelids. Unfortunately, I have something to do tonight.

Always something to do, but I hope to post a lot more of the story.

Is it moving too slow? Just right? To fast? What other questions thate are popping up about the story that you have? Do you like the characters? What don’t you get?

This is the last post for the day and I’ll post the other tomorrow.

And yes, Jason is going to lose his temper and do some damage.



This story is currently in editing and publishing stages … For more information, please go to author’s website for update

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