A little Bit of Sin -Chapter 8

I’m on a roll…. i think, but I do value your opinion.

I’d really enjoy listening to those who haven’t spoken about other things.

If you have questions ask away.



This story is currently in editing and publishing stages … For more information, please go to author’s website for update http://sylviahubbard.comA Little Bit of Sin Won’t Hurt Chapter 8 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “A little Bit of Sin -Chapter 8

  1. my my my is this story getting juicy!! oh please post some more!!!

  2. Isn’t it time for the brother to show back up to ruin things for Colin? Oh–am I giving the story away. He-He.

  3. Jessie no not yet, PLEASE! The story is getting GRRREAT! LOLColin in digging himself deep! When he is deep enough is when I think the brother will come back. I think that would be in chapter 10 or so.SYLVIA WE WANT MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sylviaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!That chapter was smoking, girl. I did NOT expect Syn to get her feelings hurt so deeply. Goodness gracious, has she NEVER been rejected in her life?! Was she that ill-equipped to handle someone not wanting her to distraction?Sheesh!One last thing, that part about Colin returning to his Irish roots when upset had me screaming at the screen. I thought, why is Sylvia taking my idea? (Like I’m the only one that can come up with something that cute. lol). Anyway, I jumped down off my high horse at the realization that there was no way you could have known that I was using that idea in an upcoming book, that great minds just think alike, and that any observation of the people around us could have sparked that idea. Hey, even I have been known to return to my hoodrat/ghetto-girl roots when pushed the wrong way. I can’t promise never to return to them again, lol, but I do try to act ‘civilized’ and talk ed-ja-ma-cated most days. lol. Great post, Sylvia!

  5. I told yall the chemistry was hot with the. They need some water to throw the fire out! Smoking!!!!!!

  6. that was hot Slyvia……..and I knw wat u r doing……….still insist something bad ia abt to happen……..

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