Out with the old, in with the new!

As 2009 progresses, I’m trying to focus more on myself than my literary life.

When I say myself, I mean my writing.

I’m currently doing the live story thing, but i’m also making changes to a lot of websites.

I want them to be more attractive and more appealing.

This first change was Motown Writers Network. I changed over to wordpress to get better hits and get wonderful stats on the site.

Main website: www.motownwriters.com
Blog site: www.motownwriters.blogspot.com  
Social site: http://motownwriters.ning.com

The next site i worked on was my own. Knowing my name was getting around a lot and people were just goggling me, but I wasn’t sure for what, I decided to make this sort of my branch site where it can lead people on the things they associated me for, plus to let them know of other things that I did.

I also related my literary world blog and my story blog blog with the same kind of color and design.

Main Website: www.sylviahubbard.com
Literary World: www.sylviahubbard.wordpress.com
Story Blog: www.sylviahubbard.blogspot.com

I also wanted to concentrate on The African American Electronic Literary Network

The main site: http://aalen.com
The social site is: www.aaelectronicliterarynetwork.ning.com

And then I changed the How To Love A Black Woman site to a three column. I also changed the color as well to make it more different than other blogs.

I bought a domain name to make it easier to find too.


I hope you have a chance to take them all out.

2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new!

  1. Do your thing Sweetie,
    I plan to check them all out, been so busy, but slowing down, that is my goal in 2009…to chill a bit.


  2. @ Ang: I started that as of last November. I became really ill and depressed at the same time and I just told myself I needed to focus more on myself.

    This year, I’m actually going to concentrate on promoting my books. I havent’ done that in a long time.

    Thanks Ang! Thanks so much. Stay beautiful and blessed. And i’m so enjoying your blog as well!

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