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A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 6.2

Note to reader:

A good lie is when the person starts on the details.

I learned that by myself when I was young and my mother would beat me for lying and then she would make me write my lies down.

Most times the woman would trick me or corner me to make me go into detail. When liars panick they do that. A person telling the truth wouldn’t.

It’s a funny kind of thing and because I’m a story teller, I know a lot about human nature and just watching my kids when they are lying to me, it’s really amusing to see the things they do when they lie.

I also learned almost everyone has a tell. But that’s another long story to tell.

I don’t know if I should be grateful to my mother for beating the lying out of me. I’ve become a great story teller, but this honesty is keeping away the friends.

It really is hard for me to lie now.


as i was saying…

details are in the lie. When a storyteller decides to go into detail, that’s when you should start to listen. especially in a suspense story. they throw you off with the dialogue or the crazy drama, but the details are when you need to pay attention. sometimes these are the details that the reader chooses to loosely read.

In essense, I’m telling you to pay attention to this part. You’ll figure out the sHTF moment and you’ll dread what’s to come.

I am. I really am, but I have to do it. It is in my nature to cause a mess and I’m about to cause one big … really big mess!

BTW, I changed the story blog face and I’d love to know how you like it and please tell me how you think the story is going to go from here?

enjoy…. or try to….


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