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100 books downloaded in two days!

I was in search for another way to get my e-books in the hands of readers. With talk of so many readers on the market, limited me in making my work more widespread.


I’m not bragging but I know my stories are like Pringle potato chips. You can’t have just one. My stories are interwoven on purpose to make sure readers pick up the other books!


For instance, let’s take the Free book Love Like This. My original goal on this story was not really to make it free, but I was digging around in my old stories and loved the short sweet revenge, but falling in love plot. Matter of fact, I wrote it immediately after Stone’s Revenge because I thought of it while I was writing SR. As I was rereading it again, I liked the character Parker in the book and Ethan was such a great guy, but the readers really had only gotten a taste of him.


I decided to place Parker in a story for him with three sisters, called His Substitute Wife…My Sister. I was able to bring back Ethan, exploring his character more, while also giving Parker a life. I even threw in Jaelen the most second evil man my readers’ love. This book also gave me leeway to introduce more cousins from the Heart family as well.


The fact that I threw in Jaelen from the stealing innocence series also allowed me to connect more books to Love Like This. The stealing innocence series joins even more of the Heart Family books together as well.


Like I said, you can’t just have one.


How does this relate to the original purpose of this post?


I found a great site that I cannot believe. I found this resource through Dan Poynter. (If you don’t know him, as an author looking for ways to get money from your work – you should!) I uploaded Love Like This to two days ago. At first I was astounded because right after I uploaded it, about an hour later, I had already gotten ten downloads with no promotions at all.


I had spread the word about my other books, Road To Freedom and Diary of A…, but I said nothing about Love Like This. These had gotten great sales as well, even when I have Diary of A… as a pay what you like and have gotten a considerable sale for that.


I was astounded to know when I checked my stats today that I had a hundred downloads and I wasn’t even connected to other libraries


Two days later, I checked the site to see I had over 100 downloads. WOW! That’s just awesome to know how word gets out so easily.


I’m loving me some and I think Mark, the CEO has done a wonderful job in giving authors a chance to publish to not only a PDF secure format, but also MOBI (kindle reader), LIT and more.

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