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It’s been a great first week of live story blogging.

Currently our stats are averging about 100 click throughs a day (although there were quite a few return visitors on the love scene days. LOL). Not including the 300 in the yahoogroup and the fifty or so who read the weekly update.

Like a crackhead, I crave more readers and that’s where you come in. The more readers the more excited about the story I get and the more I post, which gives you to story faster.

It’s a self endeavor you (as the reader) and I (the writer) can partake in, but it will lead to pleasure for both of us.


All those wallflowers that are enjoying themselves, please use this post as a way to introduce yourself.

Just like I would like to know who you are. Other readers that comment also want to know who you are and just know that they are connected across the world with you. (YEs, crazy as it sounds, people all over the world are reading this)

That’s cool to me.

That means I’m the International Queen of Cliffhangers, LOL.


I will say right now before we start to get to the SHTF moments. I’m not responsible for car crashes that happened while reading, burned dinners, neglected children, phones dropped in toilets, and all that other stuff. I will admit it’s hilarious to know you like my writing that much you’re making that happen.

Death Threats:

I haven’t gotten any YET. But we haven’t gotten to the SHTF moment yet. (Story spoiler: It’s coming sooner than you think.)

Research and Facts that are coming up:

If you don’t know, Michigan has a large number of xenophobic groups. Many believe more live here than anywhere else in the U.S.

To counter that we also have the largest population of Muslims as well.

If you don’t know Detroit, it’s an influx of races all living and thriving together.

Unfortunately, we’re listed as the following in the top five of most of these polls in the U.S:

The fattest

The brokest

The most crime ridden

The most cases of STD

On top of that there’s a study that says over 90% of Detroiters are illiterate.

There are more, but you can just imagine how people in the middle and lower class feel.

…. okay, back to the story facts:

WITHOUT GIVING AWAY TOO MUCH: What you suggest about Colin in the comments is very close to true. VERY CLOSE.


(some times wallflowers send me emails off the comment boards about the story so I usually use the author’s notes to answer them.)

Where are Colin and Bernard’s parents?

in chapter 2, Colin said sarcastically, ““We’ll not everyone can have parents that die from drinking too much and die in a car crash.”

Why do you stop the chapters in the middle? Can you post the whole thing?

i really don’t do this on purpose. I post what i have. I also like to torture my readers too at the same time. so I’m fond of posting on a high note. (Gotta keep you coming back right.) Plus it gives that soap operatic feel.

Why are the majority of your stories based in Detroit? I bet you could write a killer story that happens in New York.

I write what I know and I write what I love – Detroit. It’s the best place to find drama, crime of all types, and different people mixed together from all sorts of places. I traveled in my college days around the U.S. and Canada, but in truth, I really don’t know the ins and outs of a city like I know Detroit. It has everything I need in all my stories and if it doesn’t I’ve been known to travel some. (Tanner’s Devil and even in Road to Freedom.)

I have two questions. You haven’t had a character with children in a while. I’m a fan of your stealing innocence series. It was the first book I read where the kids really had apart of the story. I liked that. As a single mother of five, I felt really connected to Kimberly and her struggle to provide and protect her family. When will you be writing another stealing innocence? (I want to know about Lethal!) And when will you be writing another story with single mother theme?

Answer 1: Lethal’s story is going to be published by a traditional publisher. I’m shopping it as we speak.

Answer 2: Honestly don’t know.

I’ve been reading your live stories for two years now and I know you mix up other characters in them. Just to refresh myself on your past books (which I have tried to collect all of them) what characters will be “dropping in.” (Please say one of the Hearts! Please).

I’m going to try to keep the Hearts out of this story. I said try. Now don’t get upset. In my head, the Hearts stories are almost done. I really have two multiple ones, Lethal’s story and then the hardest task in the world: finding someone for Onyx to deal with. In that regards, my brain is shifting gears and I need to introduce my next big family. The one you’ve all been finding out about little by little in the majority of most of my stories: The Bellini’s. I know I need Taylor’s trifling butt in the story and she’ll be coming into play soon. (You knew I had to have a Devil’s Advocate since I couldn’t bring my Onyx in). I suggest re-reading Road To Freedom. (It’s free if you haven’t read it as an ebook). (It’s available at in various formats, but as a treat, I have embedded the code below for some “light reading.”


I’ll post a little more tomorrow, but don’t expect much. I have my radio show and then an appointment as well. I’ll be doing the board and talking in the chatroom while the host, Monica Marie Jones does her thing.


Road To Freedom

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  1. I can’t wait for the next posting. I can’t keep my mind on my work because of this story. Hope your father gets better soon.

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