A Little Bit Of Sin Chapter 1

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A little bit of sin won’t hurt (c) copyright 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Sin Chapter 1

  1. You’re off to a good start, Sylvia. You got the questions stirring already. Got me wondering who this mystery white man will be, why Syn let Kat tempt her to try this man, and why Kat really fell out with Trish. All signs point to this being another great suspense story. Hopefully you won’t pull us too far out of our comfort zones this time. lol. Especially me. lol. I’m still having flashbacks from Emperor’s Addiction crazy storyline. lol.I’ll check back in later in case you post more.

  2. You have me wondering already also. Is he as sexy as Dwight from sins iniquity or better. :HmmmmI hope it is as crazy as Emperor because i liked trying to figure out what will happen next. Great start !Ps. Where is Emp!

  3. @ sup: thank you. i think this ones different for me. i hate supercial people and even though Synthia’s kind and thoughtful, there’s this “used to getting what I want” about her too. it’s a challenge and you know i like a challenge with my characters @ jrboss: me neither, lol.@paula: he’s different. not like my other men, who are usually clean cut. he’s rough around the edges. Emp is finished but I’m waiting for it to be picked up. Give it another year unfortunately, but I really would like it to be picked up.

  4. Great start. I can see a lot of drama coming Syn way. Glad to have you back Sylvia.

  5. You like a challenge with your characters? You hate superficial people? Sylvia, does this mean you’re going to put Syn through all kinds of trials and tribulations because she has a trace of shallowness? Wait a minute, you ALWAYS put your characters through the fiery furnace, some more than others. lol. Part of what makes your stories so good is the joy of seeing how you’re going to get the hero/heroine out of all the stuff you throw their way. Still waiting to see how you got Em out of his mess.SuprinaP.S. Paula, you’re still a trip, girl. lol. Hello, to all the usual crew. I’m surprised Carmel Beauty hasn’t shown up yet.

  6. Sylvia, your back!!!! Hello everyone. It’s back to business. Already you have me wondering, WT??Anyway, keep writing you are great.Another year for Emperor’s Addiction? I guess this will suffice.

  7. Didn’t know you started a live story. I was up late and decided to check on the site to get a update. To my surprise I missed a whole 12 chapters. I am playing catch up but great first beginning.

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