Five Updates from Your Author:

Hellow everyone!

It’s been quiet on the home front and I know you all would love to know what’s going on.

First off: Tanner’s Devil

I have signed a contract to publish with Red Rose Publishing (www.redrosepublishing) for electronic and print rights. I will rely on you to spread the word about this book and of course post your reviews once it’s up on Amazon.

Hopefully by that time, RRP will have their books also available for overseas ordering as well, so my fans that love to read the book will get a chance to order it as well.

Of course that will mean some hard promotions, so I hope you guys will offer me a door to getting the word out as in what blogs I can be featured on and radio shows I can pop in for readers to know more about me.


I’m asking again for reviews on stealing innocence. If you know someone who’s read the book and who has told you about the book and you’re also the someone who has read the book, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! post a review on Amazon.

I’m getting ready to option Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart and I need more reviews on the book on Amazon to show that you guys are really loving this series.

Help a sistah out, okay?

(Recently I’ve been visiting some forums and found out they were giving the product away for free. I was very disheartened that some readers could be so cruel to do that knowing I’m a hard working woman that needs every penny she can get in her goal to stay at home and write more.)
So, I’m doing things a little differently and that’s why it’s taking so long for me to come out with a book this time because I been feeling like i’ve been betrayed.

But whenever I’ve been pushed down to the ground, I just get back up and say, hey, I’m getting this right.

Keep reading… it gets better.

If you can’t post a review on that, then do me a big fave and go to

stealing innocence I by Sylvia Hubbard
(Paperback – Nov 12, 2008)

Buy new: $13.95
2 Used & new from $11.95
5.0 out of 5 stars (1)

Excerpt –

page 214
: “… happened to her. Kimberly had to be alive.

See a random page
in this book.

stealing innocence II: The Ravishment
by Sylvia Hubbard
– Dec 29, 2008)

Buy new: $13.95

Thirdly: If you’re a fan of Secrets, Lies & Family Ties, then you should also read the book about Prince Heart. In order to understand the Heart family, you should know about all of them and this book showcases the eye candy you fell in love with as Grae’s best friend.

Click below to go to the book, post your reviews and if you haven’t read it,
purchase your copy.

Cabin Fever: Heart of Detroit Series by
Sylvia Hubbard
(Paperback – May 15, 2008)

Buy new: $6.50


I pushed it back just a little, but the book, Sexstasy is to start in March. It’ll be on the blogger account, although it has it’s on page on wordpress to showcase the first three chapters. Go to to sign up if you haven’t already. (If you’re part of the yahoogroup you’ll be updated automatically.

Fifthly Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart Update

I should and that’s a big SHOULD have at least a first chapter ready for you by June. Really, I’m very confident about it because I have some Heart family issues to work out. I’ve completed the family tree (I’ve got one more relative to add because no one guessed the relative in Diary of A…) and then I’ve got some Lethal/King problems. (I’ve got to get King to Detroit and in Sexstasy I found a way on how to do.

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Sylvia, I truly know how you feel about having your book given away online without your permission. As you know, the EXACT same thing happened to me. The link below tells what I did to combat the situation:, I’ve already left one review for you on another blog. I’ll go to tonight and leave reviews on the ones there. I think I’ve read all the ones listed on that site, too. I’ll have to check and see.Congrats on that Red Rose Publishing deal. I knew you could do it!Finally, I look forward to your new story in March. Knowing you (Miss Guaranteed 40 Chapters. lol), it probably won’t be over by the time I start my story in April, which means I’m going to be switching back and forth posting on my blog and reading and leaving comments on yours. LOL! Oh well!Much luv.Suprina

  2. Glad that everything is going great for you. This going to be your best year yet. Congrats redrose publishing deal. Wow I live story again. I will continue supports your writing endeavors. I do have my own blog I just have to remember my password

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