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The New Joy of Sex

and you thought this was going to be some rauchy post, lol.

it’s not. it’s actually a review of the book that we weren’t supposed to know about as children.

Check out my review here:

I also have a review posted at Amazon.

For a reader and buyer of amazon, I’ve learned to use the reviews as an educated way of knowing about a product before I buy. Reviews are very important and if you can write a review about something, good or bad, you should do that as a responsible consumer.

As a writer, I found that writing reviews garner sales of my books. I stick with not only the fiction reviews, but the non fiction books as well.

With my health being as it is lately, I’ve had time to do a lot of reading to keep my mind off of the problems so I hope to be posting more and letting you know how it goes (as a reader and a writer.)

happy new year!

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