I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland sometimes, cause I’m always late for something as I am today in my posting.
Why wait until the end of the year to make goals and plans?
I’ve always wondered about that. This year passed so fast, I don’t think I got anything on my literary itinerary completed even the date for my 5th paperback book, His Substitute Wife… My Sister is not even completing the editing stage. 
5th paperback novel
5th paperback novel
I wanted to do something different this year so I decided to do a list of Things I’m Not Going To Do.
  • I’m not going to except less than what I want
  • I’m not going to shuck my writing time to check out the latest blockbuster movie. (This might be difficult.)
  • I’m not going to snack while I write unless it’s fruits and vegetables.
  • I’m not going to use lazy verbs. Details, Details, Details.
  • I’m not going to get mad at my fingers anymore when they can’t type as fast as my brain can think.
  • I’m not going to use my church time to text story notes on my phone.
  • I’m not going to shuck my writing time to go out on trifling dates anymore. (If so, I’m going to wear my “I’d Rather Be Writing” T-Shirt or unless I run out of fodder for my romance stories, LOL. Hey, ya gotta use men for something. Just kidding – NOT)
That’s all the not goings to do for now. Add your own for you or maybe you have a suggestion for me, LOL.
Merry Christmas and blessings for a great New Year. May we all have our own not goings to make our lives and mental states just a little happier.

3 thoughts on “THINGS I’M NOT GOING TO DO…for the New Year

  1. I’m not gonna complain about not having a graphic designer anymore (not even in my thoughts). I’m gonna either finally find one that reasonable (whose not trying to break my bank) or take a few classes and become one myself. After all, my books deserve the covers I really want them to have, not the ones I have to settle for due to current printing limitations and general lack of know-how.

    Thanks for the talk prompt, Sylvia.

  2. Hey, Sylvia —

    I’m not going to treat my personal deadlines as second tier priorities. I’m great at meeting the deadlines my publisher or other people set for me, but I have a habit of pushing my internal deadlines aside for the kids, or work, or whatever taps on my overflowing calendar. But not this year!!

    Thanks for the push!

  3. I really like your things your not going to do in the New Year. I am not going to wait till the last minute to meet deadlines. I am not going to focus on others needs as much ( i need to get my own house in order). I’m not going to deny my dreams so that they can become a reality. Just a few things i won’t do.

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