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In celebration of my birthday (Dec. 3), please enjoy an autographed copy of “The Enemy Between My Legs” for only $10.00 with NO shipping & handling charges and a FREE surprise gift!


Visit my website and click on the birthday cake on the home page:


Please stop by and sign up for my new audio blog too.  The first one is posted: The Secret Life of Child Molestation (Bees).



No shipping & handling charges!

FREE gift included!


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Stephanie L. Jones


By the way, I’ll be sharing some very exciting news with you soon!


Oh, and stay tuned for my next blog post, “I was molested and there’s no DOUBT about it!” Google the movie “DOUBT” being released 12-12-08.  It’s about child molestation.


Last thought… if you’re my “friend” on more than network, yes, you will get this message several times.  Just hit delete.



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