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Nanowri update for Sylvia Hubbard

Eves Deception - 2008 Nanowri book from Sylvia Hubbard
Eve's Deception - 2008 Nanowri book from Sylvia Hubbard

Eve’s Deception is going pretty good. I got the book in mind and I know what I want it to come although I’m worried that I might cross into erotic at any second because I’m not used to writing and staying “good.”

In the story, where I usually give you a take on the man’s attraction to the woman, I’ve carefully hidden Matthew attraction – if there is one – from the reader on purpose.


Well, because I write what I know. I know Evie. I know Evie’s heart very well. Because I’m a woman – not a streetwalker or a street hustler, nor an orphan as she is, but I know how she thinks.

I don’t know Matthew. I know he has a good heart, I know how Christian men should act, but I don’t know how a Christian man thinks.


Because I’m not one.


Anyhoo, I’m pressing on in just her POV (point of view) because it’s interesting and she has so much going on, she carries the story on her own.

For the first time I’ve given one person the entire main plot, plus second and third plot and it’s getting pretty complicated.

On top of that, I’m used to doing a live story so I usually have readers also in my head making sure I keep it hard and good and complicated.

Doing it by myself is a challenge because the boost I usually get from their hard criticism and threats to keep it good are hard to hear when they are not there.

But I press on because I have to win. It’s not just about me but my rep. If I can do 100,000 words in two and a half, I’ll certainly pump out 50K in thirty.


Back to writing.

Thanks for your support.

New stories are coming very very soon.


PS. I posted an excerpt (the first couple of paragraphs of the book) on my page.

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