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Passwords to free stories

In my craziness, I’ve forgotten to post on how to get the passwords to the free stories off of this site. I’ve added to the sidebar the instructions on where to get them but I’ve decided to add a more detailed instruction in a post.

this post. (as if you didn’t know.)

there are several stories on this blog that can only be accessed if you know the passport. this is to encourage readers to not only want to read these stories, but to check out other stories i’ve written.

fans of my stories – real fans who’ve read the books and paid attention to details would have no trouble figuring out what the passwords are.

mostly their names of minor characters that were semi-important to the storyline.

to find the passwords please go to my book site on the main webpage at:

Scroll down to the short stories on the left hand side and it’ll have links to all my short stories and also where to find the passwords.

happy hunting, happy reading and come back for more!


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