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Emperor’s Addiction Update 9/15/08

Good Afternoon,

I’ve been trying to post this all morning for my early readers who are eagerly waiting for the rest of the story.

Me too.

It’s been a fight but this is a Monday and you know whether I’m writing or not, they are always busy.


I’ve been here and typing away every second of every day on Emperor’s Heart … Until last thursday.
I misplaced the flash drive i was carrying the story around with.
Literally it was gone. I Searched high and low and when i awoke this morning, i resolved that it was lost. Gone and I’d have to re-create everything I had done since I last posted all over again.
That is one of an author’s worst nightmare because it was so good the first time, the second time won’t be as well done.
Anyhoo, I was digging for change for the bus, because my silly butt threw away my bus card by mistake on Friday forgetting it expired on the 15th not the 14th. Not looking as my fingers busily dug for change, I felt a small rectangular item in my hand, but I assumed it was the gum I had bought Friday, but never opened. Since I forgot to brush my teeth this morning, I pulled my hand out to get a piece.
Low and behold there it was. All purple and white reading 4g USB in silver/brown letters. My heart swooned and I’m positive I kissed and hugged it like a cute furry feret.
So now I’m back in business.
Now I had been typing it up on my phone since Thursday and Im emailing my phone to my personal email right now to cut and paste what i’ve been doing.
I’m still on the family history of the Hearts and about to go into the whys as to the detail hatred between Lethal and King. I’m also going to touch on King’s sexually as I set up him for King’s Paradise – the next book in the series.
I see some of you have picked up on following this blog, but I want to encourage you to also join the wordpress site as well.
Click here to subscribe to that blog.
I’ll be using that most of the time to keep up with my literary life and as I lay out the hearts history a lot of things are going to be over there. pLus, I’ve archieved the free stories in that area as well.
You just gotta go to the main site to figure out the pass words.
To be fair to others who are reading Emperor’s Heart as we speak, I won’t delete it, which I’m prone to do.
Now a favor I ask of you. I’m also preparing to release His Substitute wife as a paperback on amazon, but I need to break it up. It’s too durn big.
If you’ve read the story, where would you make a part one and part two and what could the second book be called?
Someone real kinky guys and if I choose you (your suggestion of where to break it up and what to name it), I’ll send you both books paperback.
that’s bout it.

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