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stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart

Author’s Note: After surveying several readers, there was a consensual agreement that everyone wanted to know what happens to Lethal Heart and when would some woman actually wrangle him. Well, you know when I came at Lethal, I had to come correct, so I found someone. Someone that could actually give him a run for his money (as Onyx would say). Meet Adrian Daniels….

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…in the heart of Detroit, lies corruption and struggle over political power. When there is a plot to unseat the “hip-hop” mayor by desecrating his political career, there’s only one woman who knows the truth, but must survive in order for the deceit to be known.

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It was a dark and stormy night. Adrian Daniels had just seen the dead body of her friend and street buddy, Lacey Carter. Just days ago, they had attended a secret party at the Manoogian Mansion and now each of the five women, who were present, were meticulously being “disposed of.” Adrian is last on the list.

Already on the run from the federal crimes that her father had done and then disappeared, with her being his only link to his whereabouts, Adrian knows she cannot stay in Detroit… Yet, her son keeps her here. Remanded to foster care, she knows that in order to get him back, she has to come out of hiding and get her life together.

Growing up on the streets had always been difficult for Adrian. Being used all her life made her animosity for men grow and rot in her gut until she couldn’t stand the touch of a man.

So when Lethal Heart is assigned the case that he never finished with the government and it leads to Adrian Daniels, just one look in her frigid eyes, and he knows he’s met his womanly match.

Adrian had never met a man like Lethal Heart. He was what women read about. Tall, big and sexually overpowering. Disgusted by his proximity, she makes sure that he is aware that she would never give him the time of day.

Challenged by her resistance, Lethal plays her body like an instrument, making her will his own.

Hating him even more for making her body betray, she vows to give Lethal a taste of his own medicine.

Her chance comes when they are kidnapped by the people trying to kill her and locked in a room together. Lethal is chained down and Adrian now has the power to take what he took from her. Resistance will be futile…And paybacks a bitch.

It’s now time for Lethal to get a taste of his own medicine.


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