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Reviews for Stealing Innocence I

Romance Book Café (05/25/05)
There are two kinds of books.  One is the kind I take to bed to read myself to sleep.  The other kind I take to bed and read until I finish even if that’s 4:00 o’clock in the morning.  Stealing Innocence is one of the latter.  Sylvia Hubbard draws you into every page of this story.  Each character has a unique personality that stands up on the page and talks to you.  As far as cliff hangers go, every page is a cliff hanger.

Kimberly is a young woman born of a drug addict mother and a father who left her and was later told his daughter was dead is raised by a despicable human beingUncle Charlie.  Uncle Charlie regularly uses her for a punching bag, frequently breaking bones.  When she is eighteen, money grubbing Uncle Charlie, forces Kimberly into a marriage with a man in his sixties who is wealthy with the intent that Kimberly give this man an heir to his fortune.  When the man dies before a child is conceived, Uncle Charlie kidnaps a look-a-likeJaelenand forces Kimberly to rape the young man to produce a child so that Uncle Charlie can collect the inheritance…

This is a “must” read to find out why Jaelen is really angry with Kimberly,  whether or not love really does prevail over evil, and whether what we are is always there on the inside waiting for the right person to bring it out

Euro-Reviews group by Reviewer: H. Renay Anderson (06/01/05)

Kimberly and her 6’2″, 250lb. younger brother Leroy are forced to live in a home that is headed by an uncle who is both abusive and criminal minded.  She is the sensitive type and easily controlled by manipulation.  Her Uncle’s greed leads Kim down a dangerous path of deception and immoral behavior. His plan is to get his hands on her deceased, sixty-eight year old husband’s fortune by any means necessary.

Jaelen is a large, angry and sexually restricted young man. He is mad at the world, but mostly he is mad at his millionaire father who is controlling every aspect of his life. Only his childhood friend Onyx can bring a smile to Jaelen’s face.  Onyx is small woman, but she is as hard-hitting as a man and she proves it every day by running a security/detective agency.”

Kim and Jaelen’s paths meet when the love of money overrules all sense of decency and respect for the law. Will a forced sexual encounter between them make Kim and Jaelen reluctant parents?

My experience reading “Stealing Innocence I” was like sitting in a movie theater watching an academy award winning film!  I was engaged right from the start of the book to the very end.  The way Sylvia Hubbard revealed each character’s part in the story was convincing and absorbing.  She has a way of drawing the reader into the story, so that starting each new chapter feels like a reward in itself.

I highly recommend this book and feel confident that the other two books in the series “Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment” and “Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart” are as gripping as this first book in the sequence.

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