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For EVERYONE who wished me happy birthday

it’s strange.

every year i do forget my birthday. i don’t know if it’s because i’m a mother or because I just have so much to do throughout the year that when the day does come i’m actually shocked that someone else remembered.

even when i was married even my husband didn’t remember.

so this year it was shocking to see so many wishes @ myspace and facebook (shhh, i know i not supposed say that word here).

the first wish was from author, Erica N. Martin ( She texted me on my cell phone at 12.01am. I was touched and actually felt like going to sleep afterwards (you know I never do that so that’s a big thing.)

The most surprising was from The Bacon Brothers on Now I can say I’m also closer than six degrees of separation from Actor, Kevin Bacon. LOL. Even though it wasn’t from him personally,  was still thoughtful enough.

Now if I could just get Brian McKnight to say soemthing on my birthday, you talk about a woman dying a happy ‘ho!

The best birthday wish? Every single one of them. I enjoyed knowing that my friends and associates wanted to wish me blessings for making it through a very rough year and cared that I was living breathing healthy (somewhat) and happy (always that!)

Know that I appreciate each and everyone of them and I want you all to take the blessings you have wished me and send them tenfold back on yourself.

What am I doing for my birthday?

What i do every holiday I’m not working at my benefit job, looking at the back of my eyelids.

thanks again.

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