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Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

No this is not to stop the story… (new readers the old readers know I’m good for that one after chapter 20).
I forgot to warn you that we’ve approached the halfway mark and we’re right on schedule to the SHTF moment.
I for one am pretty proud of myself and now looking for some kinky sex. Plus i still gotta set up the stuff for the next book.
first off, Suprina, yes, that’s what i’m doing. incorporating a lot of stories at the same time. In my mind, it’s actually sectioned off to three different worlds. One for the hearts, the other for the bellini’s and the third is for any stories that aren’t related to either story line. (Yeah, when are those coming out? I don’t know yet, but the glass is filling up fast.)
Anyhoo, the hearts have to be sectioned into three parts which are the detroit and chicago, plus a small portion for the past crap – their parents and the only unfinished case Lethal’s ever had when he was working for the government that will slap him like acid in Stealing Innocence III.
I’ve been reluctant to get to Emperor’s Heart because it involves Chicago – where the Hearts of chicago are and also …. the Bellini’s.
Now for new readers, you’ll have to read this entire durn blog to find out about the family or better yet, read all the books.
There’s a post with family members on it that I’ve mentioned at:
Now the concept of showing another viewpoint of what’s going on is harder than it looks when this family is involved, although you’ll get some of Blaque’s POV in the Teach Me To Love book when I do Onyx’s story… yes, that’s coming last! AFTER STEALING INNOCENCE SO DON’T EVEN ASK WHEN. lol
Because the Bellini family is just as complicated, although they won’t kill you just because it rained, they’re all very complicated men and one woman – that bytch Taylor, but I can’t remember where you met her at. I want to say Drawing the Line, but I think you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

But there will be different POV’s to story’s that yu’ve already read because as everything is happening in the Hearts things are still going on in the world of Bellini’s that sometimes effected some of the Hearts story – you just didn’t know until you read the books.

That’s a good thing ain’t it. It’ll keep you reading me for years to come when i run out of ideas and have bad wrists and can’t write anymore. You’ll wear out books like tissue and you’ll have to keep buying more books to replace the others.


Wear them out!


I’ll actually be able to sit at home and write if you do that.

Moving on….

Reader, Tc (I didn’t know if you wanted your name out there):

I decided to answer your question online because four other people asked me similiar type questions you had also offline.

READER QUESTION: sTILL trying to read the rest of the books where the Hearts makes appearance. I ask if Lawrence from Deceptive Nights will have his story. And I think Treasure Heart and Richard from Tanner’s Devil should hook up. Will you give Mandigo his own story? I think you should let him hook up with Charisse’s friend from His Subsitute Wife My Sister IN the mental hospital. So far I have read Sex Weed, Teach Me Love, Sins Iniquity, Drawing the Line Baby Doll Read Heart Road to Freedom Silent Lynx Love Like This Love 101 Sweet Justice and I’m READING Emperor’s Heart on youR blog.

ANSWER: I’m up in the air about Lawrence from Deceptive Nights. I really didn’t like him and unless I strip down his manhood to the ground, which I could just have Onyx beat the shyte out of him, then that’s the only way he’ll get his own story by himself.

Mandingo’s story will be intertwine with King’s Paradise. I figure since i need King in order to loosen up Manny – forgiveness will be in order to bend him to accept what he deserves. As to whom will I hook him up with, it’s been guessed at but I gotta leave a little of some’um, some’um in surprises.

Thank you so much for supporting my literary endeavors.

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