Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 22.2

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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7 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 22.2

  1. What the hell is going on. This one sided two sided family crap is pissing me off. Does Lethal want Reese that bad to return to her father. This is madness!!!! I really hope Em finds her. We really don’t need anything else happening to the poor girl.

  2. okey am like sitting @ the egde of my chair PLEASE post so more, l know u r the queen of cliff hangers juss post some more ,by the way what the story on luce

  3. OMG, what the $%#&. Ok, I'm so lost. Did this guy stab her and wrap her in the shower curtain? And who is this Luce? What the hell, what the hell..LOL

  4. Yeah i agree what the hell. I go away for a few days for my brother’s wedding and chaos breaks out when i am gone. The things you do to us Sylvia, that just ain’t fair ya know. Great post, great cliffhanger.

  5. Okay, I am officially confused now. No, confused is not really the word. I’m overwhelmed by all the Hearts. They’re crowding out Em and Reese’s story with all of their Heart issues and long-term feuds, leaving me exasperated and frustrated.Sylvia, I really think the Hearts need a book of their own just to iron out most of their differences. Unless…you’re trying to do that here and not just grace us with their usual cameo appearances. What gives?Suprina

  6. What the hell just happen. Who is the guy that just took Reese. Now I got to wait to see what else can happen before Emperor and Reese can finally be happy together. Sylvia that is mean to leave sista guessing what’s going to happen next

  7. NOT MEAN THIS IS PLAIN CRUEL!!!!!!i got in the story late but even so i am already going at my fingernails in anxiety for Reese….poe girltalk about a nut familysharon

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