Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 22

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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7 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 22

  1. OMG you keep throwing bombs over baghdad sylvia what is this?? does this have somethin 2 do with a gurl who’s name starts w/ a “p”? and her sis who’s name starts with a “n”? i want more i need explanations.. are you setting us up for the heart vs. heart ultimate championship throwdown lethal vs. king that has been building up for years?? i’m excited.

  2. I wander if I am only one feel like we are pack of hungry dogs and Sylvia throw us small pieces of meat at a time. When she feed you little bits of information, then digest it. Try to remember all juice ohmygawd sizzle info you just finish reading. BTW I am still hungry.

  3. Hold up!!! Who is King in love (obsession) with?Okay, Sylvia, you playing with my mind now. Are you TRYING to make me go back and read ALL of your books again? Because I have plum forgot some of the characters, that’s got to be it, because I truly don’t remember King being in love with anybody.Somebody please tell me which book this is in, before I really have to go back and re-read them all. lolSuprina

  4. I am with you Suprina. I can’t even remember King being in love with anybody. So N and P are sisters Sylvia? I know these two women for a fact and I know N is not the one King’s want so it has to be P. What does P have that King’s want. This is getting good and you did say that you are setting us up for the Lethal story. So is P the woman for Lethal and will him and King have a showdown over her or is P just for King and I haven’t guess the woman for Lethal yet. Inquire mines want to know.

  5. Suprina and Tori I am going to have to agree with you on this King issue. Sylvia is playing are with some very hungry dogs. I know that N is older than P so his obsession has to be with N. I think he is going to hook up with P because I would love for N to be with M. They have such awareness of one another and because M needs love too.SYLVIA STOP PLAYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS AND GIVE US MORE! LOL

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