Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 21.3

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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5 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 21.3

  1. Oooo..there’s going to be trouble. When Lethal hears about the marriage it’s gon be on like neckbones – sorry that Mississippi coming out again LOLGreat post. MORE PLEASE

  2. ooooh the suspense the violence the lethalness!!! i love it!!! im killin myself trying to figure out all this heart mess. gotta back 2 some books…. u can hint at which books 2 refer to at any time now…. thanx!

  3. Being reading all of the books that have the Heart family in them and still not close to figuring out the feud. Lethal is po-piss and Emperor better tell Red why he really King or want be able to help him against Lethal wrath.

  4. oh my my my i cant wait to see what happpens next this is getting soooo good right now!!! post much more please!!

  5. Oh man a can of worms have been open. This is going to be getting good and I feel sorry for Em. Everybody and there momma is scared of Lethal except for Onyx. Just just hope everything works out for Em.

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