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okay, cancel that flight gurl. I’m still alive

And no the ex didn’t go crazy and kidnap me.

point blank…

i was frustrated with this love scene and (i’m about to do a TMI) I was horny as hell.

What does that have to do with anything?

I can’t write a love scene when i’m horny. I can do a sex scene, but I needed a more emotional than a physical scene right now.

I mean I had the scene after the love scene in my mind and Red’s getting restless waiting for it to hapen but it was like i was watching em and reese inthe bed and for some reason I couldn’t see them anymore or what they did.

like the tape was messed up in the movie it was playing and it was truly frustrating.

i had to literally put this away and find another way to look into the room.

i found it (after i gots a little – don’t ask) and now i’m ready to roll. (though i could stand a lil’bit more)

yeah, i know TMI

anyhoo, i got a look inside and i figured out why i couldn’t see. in all my story writing i try not to fight what’s happening, that’s why i think you never see it coming CAUSE I DIDN’T EITHER and i just had to run with the punches, play clean up the mess and still figure out how to make these two knuckle heads have a happy ending

(because of thousands of threats from readers that they will hunt me down if i dont’ give a happy ending).

well, i’m prone to throw shyte at the fan just because but when i fight the shyte, i can’t see anymore – well, my brain shuts down because in all cases I do have to be true to my characters and it’s wrong of me to step in and wish for a happy love making scene when it wasn’t one.

(yeah, i just leaked a little)

But if you know me and you’ve read my works: I GOSH DURN DIFFICULT to figure out. You read me, but damn… i gotta live with me so trust me, I’m just as frustrated when I have to throw a bone in the middle of two hungry dogs and watch them fight it out just for the sick pleasure of watching chaos.

So. it’s 3pm EST now. give me about another couple of hours though cause i gotta run down to get something for a friend and finish off.

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