Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 21.1

small, but hopefully I’ll have more.


Juanita’s gonna get her just due, but I can’t bring Cheyenne back nor is black making an appearance.


But Queen might come to handle some business. Remember, Emperor just got back from Chicago and you know whose there.


hint hint… Do you guys remember Paradise?





This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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10 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 21.1

  1. Great Post. Sometimes it just takes a word or two to get things going. But for some reason I feel something big is about to happen. I’m a bit nervous.

  2. oh wow i can’t wait for the delicious wedding day sex!! where’s it at?? speaking of paradise, she’s from tanner’s devil..which has that memorable niagra falls scene!! hurry hurry hurry we love the wedding day sex!!!!

  3. i take that back. the best before-wedding sex scenes were probably mistaken identity in the closet and his sub wife at breakfast. am i giving 2 much away for our new readers?? sorry.. go get her books now.. sylvia i think you need a poll or survey for the hottest scenes you’ve ever created.

  4. Sylvia, I so loved this scene. Girl, the right words spoken at the right time is all it would take for me, too. lol.Suprina

  5. Oui on est fiere de toi. Yes we are proud of ya Sylvia. That was a nice early morning suprise for sure. Awesome chapter gets me all teery eyed. Nice to see someone getting married especially the words spoken by Em. Great post sweetie keep up the good work.

  6. That was very sweet of em. I am glad Reese is finally trying to grow some type of strength. I also remember Paradise because I am still reading Tanner’s devil over. I am starting to make that story one of my favorites.

  7. Finally Reese getting her own personal DARK KNIGHT. mhmm You go girl!!!!!! Was that Lethal Heart who help Emp at Reese’s house?

  8. Sylvia,Are you okay?????? We have not heard from you in a while. Do you need us to come up there and handle some stuff (ie People) for you???? Only a click away!Post please, let us know you are ok, something!

  9. Sylvia,I’m starting to get a littleconcerned.It’s been a week.What’s up???Gail F.

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