Author’s Notes for 19.1

these are responses to comments made in 19.1 of Emperor’s Addiction.

jr boss: that’s not mandingo, it’s luscious (which I think i spelled his name wrong on the family chart)

tori: yes, you will know eventually if that’s really em’s daughter

wild_horses (first of all welcome. don’t think i’ve seen you around here before). HE’S GOING TO BE PISSED AS ALL GET OUT!!!

CB: a nervous breakdown? I was really going for an anxiety attack. (laughing evilly) I must work harder won’t I?

Shon79 (first, I haven’t seen you in a good decade, LOL. Hellow!) I will

Paula: You’re up there with CB. I must be doing something right then. I’m going to let that skank Cheyenne die in jail. I’ve been working on Blaque in my head and no she won’t make an appearance in this one, but you will hear about her because I’m preparing for the showdown between her and Onyx. She’s on American soil you know Onyx has to take her down because of a long deep seated issue. (Blood don’t mean anything in this family when wrong is wrong.)

I’ll get back to Shadow

and just because you ask, I’ll work Dalton in the game.

Game time: BTW, does anyone remember Jode’s brother?

Winner gets a free e-copy of Cabin Fever.

7 thoughts on “Author’s Notes for 19.1

  1. jode’s brother is montgomery.ah i can’t wait to see what happens!!! i nearly fell off the bed at shadow’s last statement and emperor is really going to blow a gasket once he sees what happened to her!!

  2. I cannot wait to read whats happens when Emperor takes a really good look at Reese face and the rest of her body. You think he might want to go and kick Juanita ass.

  3. lol Hello!!! to you also!! I have been around for every story even bought alot also!! I am always quite I promise to comment more!!! (((HUGS))) U are my favorite author!!! Keep the steamy stories coming!!! 🙂

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