Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 19.1

I don't usually post on thursdays but the threatening emails, text messages and lastly the voice mail message left by my "Misery" #1 fan with threats to do me like Kathy Bates did to James Caan, prompted me to post the next part.   thanks for the encouraging me and stop refreshing ( I know … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 19.1

69 days 8 hours 4 minutes and 28 seconds

THE PROCESS (this post originally appeared on another blog at another time, but I'm trying to get everything under one blog.) That's how long it took to write 168,804 words of my live book that was called His Substitute Wife... My Sister.  Now how would I know that?  Every quarter I try to write a … Continue reading 69 days 8 hours 4 minutes and 28 seconds