Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 18.1

Where is the world was Sylvia?


Busy as all get out.


That’s really all I can explain it as. I was durn busy with work, school, the kids and so many other things going on in my life.


It’s nice to be happy at something and just enjoy being yourself.


I don’t know if it’s because of the beau’s leaving or anything, but i’m having fun with my friends when I haven’t done that in a while.


We laugh and talk about all sorts of stuff and I don’t feel guilty for my feelings or have to be careful for voicing my opinion.


Most of all I don’t fee l bad for being Sylvia and I found that I needed that.


I like friends. They make you feel that it’s alright in the world and I think I want to marry my friend.


Now I just gotta get busy and find a friend who wants to marry me, LOL.





This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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10 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 18.1

  1. Damn,That just pisses me off; does Reese have no survival instincts at all? Why the hell doesn’t she fight back?Gail F.

  2. That heifer…ohhhhh, I wish I was there and she was fighting me, oh sorry, lost it there for a minute LOL. Reese really needs to grow some balls and stick it to her so called mom. Great post, waiting on the edge for more 😉

  3. OK you are so wrong for that post. We waited like dogs in heat and then you just throw us half of the bone to leave us panting for more. WHAT IS WRONG QOCH???????? Anyway I hope Reese bump head and knock some sense into it…(Screw me once, shame on you, Screw me twice, shame on me – BEAT DOWN TIME)

  4. What da heck!!! Dat is all we are getting argghhhhh. You are just soooo mean Sylvia. Am so looking forward for some more.

  5. Thanx for posting. Was wondering if you had fell off the face of the earth. i mean we would set up a search & rescue group and come look for you!!! lol. im just hoping that reese is gettin aaall these ass whoopings for a sweeet sweet ass revenge on juanita cuz she sure aint gettin shit from reese.

  6. Reese, girl, come on now. Where’s that hidden backbone? It’s got to come out and play sometime. Why not now?Aaugh! Sylvia, this post just frustrated me. Please take that jellyback from Reese before it’s too late. Or else send somebody there with some spine. I know some men like damsels in distress, but does Em? Will he get tired of having to rescue her all the time?Suprina

  7. I really hope Emperor comes to the rescue. And give Reese some backbone because Juantia nees a** kick.Theirdre

  8. You could of given us a longer post to make up for you “falling off the face of the earth”.

  9. Welcome back. I was wondering what happen to you. I started to get a little worried but I see you needed to take time out for yourself.I really hope that Reese finally got some type of blow off of Juanita. I hope she knock Juanita out before she went down. This story has you on the edge of your seat. I can’t wait for you to post. I got so bored from not reading your work I actually started reading Mistaken Identity over and Tanner’s Devil to keep me occupied.

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