Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 16

this is a full chapter for your patience.


Its difficult to write and concentrate when i’m in an unfamiliar environment so if I messed something up please check me on it





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6 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 16

  1. Gosh Reese is really making me angry. She is so timid. I just want to shake her. I hope everything is going to be fine. I think Eartha did the deed and she is afraid to tell her dad because she’s not suppose to be doing it anyway. They made a deal but I guess the deal is off. But I think Em is going to catch her…lol.

  2. Thanks for the long chapter, Sylvia, and for the prompt response on that other thing.Now I’m still wondering about Red’s connected to Em. Cousin? Or brother?Also I still think Eartha is preggers. I can’t think what else she could be hiding from her father since they are so open and upfront with each other about everything else.Suprina

  3. hie Sylvia i hope @t reeese & em will act quick b4 nita breaks reese .does nita and chyna come from the same family of SOB that relish in doing some serious body damage ????

  4. Sandy: I believe it was Cheyenne not Chyna from his subtstitute wife, but yes, I believe they are from the same grade of people.Tori: I think people in general who are put in a situation where they are not used to taking care of themselves or speaking up for themselves can make someone frustrated.

  5. man reese need 2 grow some serious grade-a size of texas balls!! come on now!! and as sneaky and devious and hilariously conniving she is (the gas tank part), she is stupid… instead of doin all that, why not jus beat that bitch & leave! i dont care if she is your ‘mother’. ok sorry for ranting.. im just waiting for reese to save herself.

  6. I am so late to the game, but ok I got up in less than a day. Reese is pissing me off. All that damage that woman did to you and you still concerned about her and trying to be sneaky. I am with Eva, beat the bitch and leave, let her know you aint no dumb, incompetent broad. I already see where this story is going………….. And Eartha is pregnant, gat to be!!!!!

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