Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 15.2

We have our notes back and i’m sooooo happy!

Thank the mayor and my supervisor, LOL.

I was tearing up inside and now I feel a little better.



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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5 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 15.2

  1. mmhhmm….interesting one question Is Shadow and David are Leah’s children? Damn I answer my own question they not b/c Shadow was 6 when she meet Reese who was 10.

  2. BUT THAT DONT MEAN NOTHIN CINQUETTA!!! she coulda popped shadow out waaay b4 she met juanita. lol. i smell a big fat fish sylvia. something veery fishy is going on. i dont like the whole club scene. somebody’s gonna find out emperor is sniffin in the wrong dogpile..my man cannot get hurt syl.. dont do it.. i’ve been waitin for the evil sylvia who kills babies and poor old grandmas to come out. i dont wanna see her. lmao.

  3. OHMYGAWD You might be right Eva D. Knowing Sylvia she has us so twist and bend out of shape. She does that to her story. Sylvia have you thinking one way then throw a crub ball into the mix. They just might be Leah children. mmmhm…interesting…

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