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Author’s Note: Holding On Because of Fire

The notes for Emperor’s Addiction is at the city hall, which I stupidly left Friday and now I cannot access.

What’s a sistah to do?

Follow her supervisor around until he talks to the Mayor of Detroit because the supervisor needs access to the building for of course inter departmental things.

(you can see the mayor in this video :

I stood there until the mayor told my supervisor that his name would be on the “special list” to enter the building.

You know I begged my supervisor to get my Emperor Addiction’s notes and now I wait with baited breath. He just called me and asked me to describe what he was looking for on my desk, so he’s gotten into the building.

Gawd! I hope this works because i need the notes to proceed with the story in the right way or I’ll be doing a lot of apologizing

Sorry for the delay

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