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Hearts Family Tree

I have been a busy bee as you can see and I decided to put together an initial family tree for the Hearts because I get a lot of questions about them.

The Bellini Tree is coming soon.

special thanks to reader: Verlinda S. for her help in getting all the names.

To understand the Heart family and go into my head (a dangerous thing to do, trust me) you need to know there are three brothers

Below is a picture of the children bequeathed from unions.  The colors determine what child came from each union and if they are half siblings or twins.

There are two sets of Hearts.

Now if i missed something or did something wrong, please check me. Its funny but you know my stories better than me and I wouldn’t dare want to get anything wrong.

I’m looking for a family tree program I can incorporate into the blog for you to understand. I had to delete a lot of notes because it would ruin the surprises coming up in books that haven’t been released yet, but I will let you know that there are three characters in the first generation to die.

Would you like to start reading about some of the Hearts?

Check out their books in the Heart of Detroit Series available wherever books are sold.

Would you like to start reading now?


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