Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 15.1

Lilo, if you don’t understand, please ask questions. (That goes for all the readers.) That’s why I do this live because I value your input and questions into the story.



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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7 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 15.1

  1. Something is fishy about this. Della has to be Reese’s aunt but what is it that she has to gain by keeping Reese away from her father. Maybe if Reese doesn’t exist then Della can get her brother’s money. Why are Juanita and Della in cahoots with eachother. Are we going to have a family reunion with Reese’s real mother and her brothers and sisters. That would be really nice.

  2. Now I’m intrigued about what’s confusing Lilo. I’m wondering if its the same thing that is twisting me up – The Hearts.Now I have read (except for Red’s story it seems) every book Sylvia wrote and I still trip up on those Hearts. It’s just so darn many of them and they pop up in every story. I forget whose the cousins and whose the siblings, so you know that family tree really helped me.Btw, Sylvia, I still don’t recognize all the names on that tree, so maybe I’ve missed more than just Red’s book. I’ll have to go check.Anyhoo, Lilo, maybe that family tree will help you, too. It might also help to read some of Sylvia’s other stories where those names appear. When I have time I’m going to do a search/find on the Hubbard books I have for those names just to see which ones I mentally skipped.Suprina

  3. kay – it was dL in the beginning but i thought i was wrog so i chnaged it.suprina – it was actually another reader that gave the most detailed list and even i was shocked that it was so many

  4. Now that’s what I call being a loyal reader fan. To actually remember all the Hearts and give the AUTHOR a detailed list. Wow! I’m impressed.Suprina

  5. So is Shadow Em’s daughter by that Costello chick?And when do we find out what Eartha’s gotten herself into?

  6. Sylvia, you have left me really confused now!I went back and read Lynx story and no where in that story did he mention anything about him being a heart.See what you have done with the family tree you put out. I am now going to have to read every single book again to figure out who is who and what was said.Thanks a Lot!

  7. “…So is Shadow Em’s daughter by that Costello chick?”is that why the name Costello raising flags with Em? hmmm

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