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No more post, but One more Quiz for Maniac Neighbor

In a generous mood this book time aren’t I?

Yeah, well I’m researching every book in my head and on paper to make sure I’m getting things right and connecting the dots.

Fun, but my brain feels like it’s about to bowl over.

Gotta another story I want to post for you and until I post again – which won’t be today, I’ll give you this as a test.
Maniac Neighbor
Hell Hathe No Fury Like A Woman’s Scorn
Wrote this baby in my Stone’s Revenge days when revenge was very prevelant in my life.
Now its greed.
Need a new sin, LOL.
this password to this one is the following:
Name of book (no spaces in lower caps) that Dalton mentions Sharlie Costello.
Now the problem is that I know I have her in my mind in one book, but for some reason I doubted it and thought I mentioned her in another book as well, but I’m not about to do a 15 book search.
So I’ll leave it at my first one.
And just because I’m in such a generous mood, I’ll let you know, Sharlie has something to do with the Hearts too. She hates them very much especially Dalton Bellini, but he doesn’t have many women who like him either because he’s even more evil than Sharlie.
BTW, to also pass the time, I’ve added a new post to my How to Love A Black Woman blog:
I’m not going to say walking away is easy. It never is and I needed a list to recover myself. I’m making it as we speak and talking about it online.
Check it out .
oh yeah, the post to read the story is:

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