Author’s Notes: Questions, Answers & Thank yous!!!

lilo asked: how are these two compatible?

they have the sexual attraction going and i think they’re figuring it all out. Yes, there’s a significant age different and Emperor still has to get through this because she’s still young for him, but I dont think it’s his age that bothers Reese but if you mix in his experience then it does make a factor in her attraction to him because he seems “overwhelming” to her.

Suprina: I’d filed a police report on your sister if she doesn’t give your “Diary of A. . . ” That’s going to be a rare commodity soon. LOL.

Diary of A…(you decide)
One woman’s journey to find a good man

Carmel Beauty: Yes it was Nevada and I’m still not telling. i’ll get into the Sheriff and Pen thing later in this story but remember Sheriff is a Heart which means he does have a flaw and Penn was pretty young too.

Baby Doll

Paula: I’m getting goosed for Lethal too. Even though you know I hate getting in his head. Makes me feel… dangerous and angry all the time. I don’t know if I’m bringing Onyx in because she’s getting ready for the next story.

Anonymous: Ethan is married to Nicole. His story is in Love Like this (this one’s free) and His Substitue Wife…My Sister

Love Like This
The one person he wants to use to get revenge, is the one person he wants the most.

His Substitute Wife… My Sister
Biting the apple was a sin, but when the wife doesn’t mind, he’s determined to eat it all.

Carmel beauty asked: What is Earth talking about? (that was an interesting curse word, LOl)

Answer: Gotta wait for the story. (this is also for Suprina too)

eva: good observation and i went back and changed that. originally this wasn’t an i/r in my head and my fingers didn’t catch on to that until afterwards. sorry for the confuddlement.

eva: What’s a v-card? I’m sorry. Dreams of reality is the women zombie book (that sounds like my brother talking, LOL.) Lethal wasn’t going south to handled the road to freedom chick. he had just handled that but remember Armando came up missing in the book? Yeah, I do remember the florida guy in the book and he was pretty funny mean to me. I should do a spotlight somewhere. Well, he’ll most likely make an appearance in Other Side of Love too.

Dreams of Reality

Theirdre (what a beautiful name)
thank you for joining us (and that goes to all the new readers). Thanks for falling in love with the Hearts. I’m so in love with them too. to find out all the hearts in the different stories here’s the blog post:

thank yous

I wanted to thank you all for your encouraging words. I’ve been listening to Brian McKnight “Feel Good” Playlist on my Zune since Sunday and it’s really getting to me about what i want. I love him to death and to be honest, I did want to throw my durn panties on the stage at him. (When they were all wet and sweaty) Okay, TMI, LMAO.

Getting back to work because amazingly I’m doing details today on the story and then I have to work on two other books by two other authors and then do my homework.

It’s pretty amazing the time I’m freed up with when I don’t have anyone to call…

Although a funny thing happened on the way to work this morning.

Getting on the over head subway in Downtown detroit, there’s this well dressed black guy in long black pants and a stripped white shirt. HE HAS THESE LONG DREDS AND I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT HIM. When he looks at me and damn if he doesn’t have nice grey eyes. I was shocked and turned on because all i could think about was Lethal and how I really wanted to just walk up to this guy and kiss him like I would if he was Lethal holding on to his dreds while he tucked his hands under my …

Okay, I better save that for SI 3 cause we’re all going to need the change our panties in the middle of the day.


Yeah, TMI again.

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  1. omg! you shoulda kidnapped the dude with dreads and experimented with him 2 help you on lethal’s book. a v-card is someone’s virginity silly! and i think alotta women would have thrown their panties at brian mcknight 2! *sry t.m.i.* and about i/r, i say this book could have went either way, whether reese was black or white or purple. im fine with whatever color you wanna make her in the end lol. just let emperor stay sexy and fine and big plz. ok, i have 2 get back 2 work now. promise i wont post anymore today.

  2. I tried to post what I read yesterday but something was wrong with the blog but all of my questions were answered. The guy with the dreads sounds fine!!!!

  3. Thanks for the good idea, Sylvia. lol. However, if I get my sister locked up over a book, my OTHER sisters (there’s five of us) might gang up on me and beat me down. lol.Although I’m not scared of any of them, I can’t handle them all at once. lol. Especially since big/thick women run on my mother’s side of the family. Even at a size 16 I’m out of my league.Next time I visit her house, I’ll just swipe it back. That’s if she hasn’t hidden it somewhere. Dang, Sylvia. The things people do to get a hold of (and keep) your books. lol.Thanks for the laugh. A sista needed it after the long night of HW I just had.Suprina

  4. thanks for the non answers but I knew you wouldn’t tell me the story, but I was hoping :-). Yeah sometimes I have to invent new words just for the suspense you put me through. Can’t wait for all the new books lethal onyx nevada pari WOW I have been waiting on these books for what seems like FOREVER!!!!

  5. I agree with Eva D. about the gray-eyed man……………Girl, you need to EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!! (lol)Gail F.

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