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Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 12.1

this might be my last post for the end of the day.

going on a cruise tonight and i’m excited.

I’m doign a VIP event. Lawd, you know it’s hard to put the ghetto girl to the side and act like i been ed-ja-ma-cated, LOL.

but i gotta so i gotta …. I mean I have to (sticking pinky finger out to look sophisticated). ROFLMAO.

Yes, you will scream hollar and FINALLY get your answers. No threats in the texts to the cell phone okay. And no checking Expedia for flight times. I might not even be at home all weekend, plus I still have that renewal on several restraining orders and i’m not afraid to enforce them.


Y’all are funny when y’all frustrated… oops, supposed to be “you all.” (chuckling).



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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