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Author’s Notes

In case you are new, Author’s Notes could mean something good and bad. Most time, like today it’s to answer questions I get offline.

Readers Question: Why did I post today? I thought you only posted on M, W & F?
Even though i said I was sticking to a three day schedule, I decided to post today because I didn’t post hardly at all yesterday and i was making up for it.

RQ: Why are you being evasive with Reese’s ages? I’m enjoyingthe story but I’m getting uncomfortable until I’m sure of her age and I really want to enjoy this story. If you’ve read any of my other stories before, you know that i don’t play well with others. I push the envelope and making you feel uncomfortable is a cruel but intentional purpose to my writing. What’s erotica? What’s nasty? When do you cross the line? When has a line been cross? Being uncomfortable something none of us like to feel, but you’re reading. Not performing, or doing or anything else where no one will know about. So that means I’m doing a good job if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

RQ: Why can’t i just download the story piece by piece like you used to have on Lulu?Because at the end, Lulu didn’t refresh the cookies and people would pay for a download and not be able to receive it.

Personal Note:

I’m in the process of decided on the next paper back release which I hope to do by the end of this year. I wanted to make it available on Amazon and my site, so I need your help AGAIN.

Pick one (Only one) of the following which you enjoyed. I choose the top fan favorites.

Now I did have a lot of downloads for Sex Weed, but I’ve decided to keep this an ebook a litte while longer.

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