Lies & Family Ties on An Hour To Empower

Lies & family Ties, by author Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia has independently published 4 paperback books and 10 e-books and she is the founder of the Motown Writers Network and The Michigan Literary Network, chairperson to The Essence of Motown Literary Conference Jam and CEO of HubBooks Literary Services. Sylvia will discuss how we allow family and friend issues to interfere with our relationships and how we try to separate ourselves from past issues instead of dealing with them. http://sylviahubbard.

3 thoughts on “Lies & Family Ties on An Hour To Empower

  1. Sylvia, I’m listening to your radio interview right now, but I had to stop and tell you that I am truly loving all the writing tips you gave. That guy ‘Boom-Boom’ was so funny to me. lol. While he was talking, I thought that’s a great name for a character. lol. Does he have a crush on you? lol. Wild!Also, every time I hear your voice, I think about Michel’le the singer (I think she sings ‘Something in My Heart’), who has a sweet baby voice while talking and a deep, sultry voice while singing. That’s how much your voice catches me off-guard. For some reason I thought it would be deeper. Fooled me. lol.Anyhoo, I’m signing off now to concentrate on the rest of the interview.Suprina

  2. and that’s why i don’t do radio. i’ve always hated my voice. I’ll be doing a lot more radio interviews for publicity on Secrets, Lies and Family ties and i’m also looking to do features on different sites.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with your voice, it’s unique…just like you. Embrace that uniqueness, use it to draw even more attention to your work. Make it work for you, girl.Suprina

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